Body-adhesive air-conditioned and heterogenous

Body-adhesive air-conditioned and heterogenous

Body-adhesive air-conditioned and heterogenous

University of California, San Diego specialists have air-conditioned and heating systems that can be part of the dress.

San Diego Washington: University of California, Scientists of San Diego have made a patch like blood pressure measuring strip that spreads you to cool or heat at home, office, out or anywhere.
This patch of soft and lightweight can not only save human life, but it can also reduce the temperature of air and air conditioning. The battery also is lightweight and flexible. University of San Diego, the former professor of mechanical and airspace engineering, has developed this important inventory.

According to them, you wear this device, you can feel like a temperature and do not have to change the thermostat to enhance the temperature or to maintain the atmosphere at home.
Although such devices have been made before, but they used to have winged instruments and on the same hand, it was difficult to wear them. However, this new patch is very lightweight, with a complete circuit control of thermo electric fittings (temperature) and temperatures.

Private heater and air conditioning system was tested on many people, only in the venture, he coldened the skin's skin to the 89-degree ferron hut. The second important thing is that this system can be trapped inside the garments and in this way your clothes can change in a heater or cool machine. This system has been assisted with some modern metals, fittings and nano technology.

Experimentally, the first inventory is five cm wide and lengthy and only one pacified jacket can be prepared from 144 pounds. It will require a total of 26 watts of electricity

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