Blogger Earning- earn money from blogger 2019

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Blogger Earning- earn money from blogger 2019

Hello friends, what's the hope, you all will be from goodness ۔
Friends, I am about to tell you how to earn money online from the internet while living in Pakistan. Friend  You will have seen a lot of videos on YouTube, but quite a lot of video is right and there is enough video to fake.There are different ways to earn money from friends website and earn money from the application of Android mobile ۔If we talk about the website, there are many ways to differentiate it, there are also real ways and there are fake ways. Friends, you have to read this article carefully because the way I am going to tell you in this article is exactly one hundred percent real way .AdSense  is a company that gives you a hundred percent of a lot, you pay the same amount of money as you work on it. 


Blogging is a way to earn thousands of dollars from the internet .On this platform you have to write articles which are unicortical .Friends, if you see, hard work is enough for blogging in YouTube .
In blogging you have to work on targeted keywords .Friends take a unique article 2 to 3 days .In this, if you create a very highly trained article, it can take 3-4 days or even 5 daysFriends, if you want to start working on blogging, then it is imperative for you to have two skills in which a skill search engine optimization.And secondly, you should have article writing. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Friends, if you are thinking of working on blogging then it is very important for you to have search engine optimization skills.If you do not have search engine optimization skills then you can never succeed in blogging career .Friends, the most important character in blogging career is search engine optimization .If you have all the skills  other than search engine optimization i.e. you also write the article and even if you have skills  you can not even succeed in it   .Because if you also write a Unic artical, you write a very high-quality graph article and if you can not rank it, then the article will not be of any use to you. Unless your article is rank in Google's search engine, your article does not have any of your work, all your hard work goes to sleep. Because when no visitor comes to your article and no one clicks on your Google ads, you will not get any benefit from it. Friends, this question is coming in your mind that where we can get search engine optimization skills .It's not a big deal to acquire skills in today's era, YouTube and Google are a platform that allows you to get great skills  and good skills in very short period of time. Friends, you can access Search Engine Optimization Limited Linking Videos by visiting my channel, which can prove to be very helpful for you. 

Writing skills 

Friends also have writing skills in the world of blogging. Beans In the same way, if you go to search engine optimization and do not have writing skills, then your article will not be so good.Friends Article Writing is not so difficult to do. Article Writing means you will find quite a lot of good videos on YouTube, which you can search for and get information .The options you have to make in Blogger to write. friends articles are the main options in which you have to use lightly. In this heading sub headings and normal text is to use it .For SEO of friends articles, you also need to use the image in the article. And you will use the target keywords for the targeted image of your article that will be the targeted keywords. Friends of WordPress artist SEO are very easy to do this.In WordPress you are given  slots for putting tags and keywords  .But all this is not given to you in Blogger .To tag tags and keywords in Blogger, you have to use multiple  Tricks.As you put the image in it, you can insert your tiles and keywords into the image by editing it. Friends Articles You Need to Write According to Adsense Rules .In which you have to write at least 20 articles that are more than 1,000 plus words .When writing friends art, you have to take care to write an article in the same language that supports Adsense .Because a sensation permits articles or blogs that follow its guidelines and follow it .In such a case, if your article is written well and you do not modify or customize the template of Blogger, you will not get an AdSense approval .


Guys backlinks also play a very good role for you with engine optimization .If you are working hard on a site and you have not made its backlinks.The value of your site will be less .Remembering friends, you do not paste any links in your block's article. You have to backlink that link i.e. to put a gender in the back of a word or image .If you paste money into gender then it will come in your spamming .


Friends Adsense is a Google platform that you can get points from YouTube or any website using .On the Internet, AdSense is a platform Which you can blindfold your eyes .Friends, if you are new to the site then you first have to write good enough and unic artical for Adsense approval .Because all sites work harder until you get the approval of Adsense .When you get an AdSense application, then you can write articles in any of the specified languages ​​or in multiple languages ​​on your sites. You can use any copyrighted content before getting the approval of Google Adsense, but once you get the approval, then you have to delete or replace that article. 

Friends, this is our today's article in which I told you how can you get earning  of blogger or from any website .
Friends hope this article would have liked you 

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