How To Solve ads.txt error in AdSense? Ads.txt solution 2019

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h2 style="text-align: left;"> what's ads.txt ?
What is ads.txt ? Friends This problem comes in Google Adsense .This problem is being reported in all Google Adsense, which is connected to any website or blog. The reason for ISRO is that Google wants to verify that the domain owner is the same or that this is done by someone or has been falsely fraud. Google has just taken this step just for verification process . If you are also foiling this problem then there is no point to taking a tension. It's not too big, you can easily sort it into your mobile or PC by doing a small bit of work .

Which of the AdSense  accounts does this issue ?

Friends are two types of Adsense account .hosted account and non-hosted account .
An AdSense account that we connect to a blog or website .And the second AdSense account is the one we just connect and just the YouTube channel .But this issue is not the only issue with just the website or blog containing Adsense .

How to solve ads.txt?

It is very easy to solve .To solve this, first of all, you have given a code in the file that is available below. You have to open that code in notepad .By placing a court in Notepad, you have to replace your Publisher ID instead of Publisher ID .Your Publisher ID is the only one you have to use in the account in which you have been involved. You have to go to the AdSense account and copy your publisher ID and replace it in this code.

After replacing the publisher ID, you have to make the code in the same line as shown in the picture below. 

After that you have to copy this code and after copying you have to open your blogger .After you open Blogger, you know that after going to Settings in Settings you have to go to the Search Preferences .After going there, at the bottom you will get an option named Monetization txt.After that you have to open it, after opening the code that you just created, you have to paste in the code.You have to save this by pasting the code. After saving, you have to check your blog or whether your code has been completed or not .You have to open your blog address like this

As soon as you open it, if something like this comes to you, then your code is working.


ads.txt Verification code, pub-4xxxxxxxxxxx, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Google Adsense Publisher ID 

Friends, I hope you have got to learn some of this or something by learning this article.

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