New highest paying Bitcoin Mining App free 2019

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New highest paying Bitcoin Mining App free 2019

If you want to earn a bitcoin then Bitcoinblast is a great software for you, in which you can achieve good stay in Pakistan. You will have seen many software which has a lot of fraud type software, but this software is exactly 100 percent guaranteed software which I am  doing myself too. 

How To Earn Bitcoin?

Friends Bitcoin Blast is such a software and X Trusted software that many people are using .In this software, you will get the payment through PayPal and bitcoin .Friends, this work is very simple, you just have to play a few games in which in return you will be shown Revenue is shown in return for showing ads .
If you are interested in this software then you are giving me a screenshot below, giving you the complete registration of the step by step. You have to register it and follow it. 
To register friends in this you just need an email and password .

How to Register?

First when you open this application, you will encounter some kind of interface that is visible above you .After that you have to do email and password with coinbase in it .As you put an email and password with the CoinBase in it, you will be registered in it, after that you have to log in .

As soon as you pass an email and password into it, you will see something like this. At the bottom of the logout you have to click on the watch ads.As you will click on the button of Watch Ads you will see a 30 second ad before you start the game. Game is quite easy as you play Candy Crush game is exactly the same game .In this game, which gives you the task, if you are able to cope, you will get points in it. 

payment method ?

There is no extra payment method option given in the statement given by the payment method. When you register, you have to enter the To coinbase email . earn a payment, you have to collect the minimum 1000 points .Once you have 1000 points accumulated, you have to click on cash out .As soon as you click on the button of the lift, you will encounter some kind of interface that is visible below you. 

After that you have to verify the email and verify you have to click on the confirmation button. As soon as you click the confirmation button, a verification email will be sent to you. In that verification mail you will have to click on the link and clicking on the link will require you to verify the email. As soon as you click on that link, you will see some of the types of interfaces that you are seeing below. 

After that you will have to wait  24 to 48 hours 24 to 48 hours Your payment will be transferred to your CoinBase Account.

Friends, I hope you have got to learn something or something in this article .You can achieve good earnings by placing a piece of this article .Friends, this link of this application is given below to you  .

  Download Here

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