How to earn money from youtube: youtube se paise kaise kamaye

How to earn money from youtube: youtube se paise kaise kamaye

How to earn money from YouTube (  YouTube se paise kaise kamaye)

How to earn money from youtube. (YouTube se paise kaise kamaye.) If you also want to become a Youtuber, then you will have the same question in your mind. How To Earn Money From Youtube. Today, I will tell you about it step by step. Read the article from beginning to end. So that you can understand properly that How To Earn Money From Youtube.

Friends YouTube is one such platform. Where you can earn a lot of money. And anyway, nowadays everyone is making money by making YouTube their own channel. In this case, if you also want to earn money from YouTube. So you have to create your own channel on YouTube. Name any channel. Or you can also name yourself. After creating the channel you will have to upload some videos to your channel. After uploading videos, you have to apply for Adsense .

However your channel will not get approval directly. For that YouTube has certain conditions which you have to fulfill through your channel. Recently YouTube has made major changes in its rules. YouTube says that if your channel has 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers then only you will get the option of monetization. Otherwise you will not see advertisement on your videos.
That is why first you have to watch 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel. Then you apply for Adsense. The YouTube team will review your channel and approve your channel for monetization.

What is Adsense? (Adsense kya hai.)

Friends, I will not write much about Adsense or else the article will be long, so I will give you a lot of information. I will write a separate article for that. Adsense Basic is a advertising publisher. Adsense is part of a google. Here big companies or any website promotes their product. Adsense runs an ad campaign, through which people promote their products.

How to apply for monetization?

Once you become a friends channel, you have to apply for monetization, which you get its option in creator studio, from there you can apply for monetization. First of all, you have to go to the creator studio of the channel where you will get the option of the channel as soon as you click on it, then the tab of Monetization will appear on the second number, as soon as you click on it, you will be asked to apply for Adsense. As soon as you click on continue button, you will go to Adsense from there.

Your adsense account will open from the same email account with which you have created the channel. So first we will ask you to sign up. Then fill the detail that you asked for. And in this way you will apply for monetization. If you already have an Adsense account, then don't sign up and create another account, otherwise your account will be suspended. Login with another account and link your YouTube channel to it.

What are the types of ads?

Friends generally shows three types of Ads within YouTube Videos skippable ads, non-skippabble ads, banner ads. Viewers can skip the ads that are skippable ads after 4 second and you will not get any money from it, yes if the viewers forget to skip it and they see the ads more than 50% then you will get their money. Will meet. Now let's talk about non-skippable ads, so the viewer cannot skip the non-skippable ads, he has to see the entirety of the ads. And you will also get money for showing that ads.

Now comes on the third number banner ads. Talking about banner ads, it only comes on the computer screen, it does not run on the mobile device. There is a banner at the bottom of your video. If viewers click on that banner, you will get its money.

YouTube 1000 views ka kitna paisa deta hai.

The question in your mind is that how much money YouTube gives you on 1000 views, then let me tell you that there is no fix rate that you will get so much on 1000 views. It depends on the ads running on your videos. Meaning that how much ads came on 1000 views and which type of ads depends on that. Because here friends, the rates of each ads are different, if any ads work, then more than any ads, that's why it is difficult to say how much you get 1000 views. It depends on the keywords inserted in your videos, how many ads came on your videos.

Because what happens on friends here, whatever companies or websites are there, people advertise only on keywords. They research which keyword is searched more on YouTube and according to how much they give their ads and decide how much per click rate is there. That is why before putting any videos, you should first research the related keywords of that video so that you get good views on your video and you can earn good money.

How does Youtube send you money?

One thing I want to clear here is that whatever you earn will be through Adsense and Adsense will send you money and not Youtube. Adsense pays twice a month, then on the 1st and the 15th you can choose any date to make your payment, if you have 100 $ or more balance in your Adsense account, then only you will get payment. You will not pay if your earnings are less than 100 $

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Hope you have understood how to earn money from Youtube that how you can earn money on Youtube, if you like the article, then share it with others so that everyone can know. If there is any question in our mind, then comment us in the comment box, we will surely give you the answer. Thank you.

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