How to earn money Online at home

Assalam Alaikum Friends How do you hope all your friends will be in good faith Friends in today's article I will tell you how you can make money online from the internet by sitting at home. Today's article is very unusual.  Because in this article I will tell you the most straightforward way that you can make millions of dollars a month by using the internet is how you will need a domain and a hosting right now, which is free.

Friends, you must have heard about Affiliate Marketing, Appellate Marketing like you can get a commission from any other company's product by selling it.
In this article, I will not tell you what appellate marketing program you want to join; I will tell you how you can get your product sold through email and get a good commission from it.

This article is only for those who have little understanding of this work ۔Because you are not existing told step by step, only you are being told a trick, using which you can send millions of emails in a single day.

To do this job you will need hosting and domain which you will get free, if you have not visited my channel then you visit my channel, you will get all these videos on my channel.
 You will get the link of my channel in the about section of the website, you can see that video by visiting my channel, and you can earn thousands of dollars in a single day.

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