the national training course for agricultural technology promotion and technical personnel was held in Hohhot.

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 2019, the national training course for agricultural technology promotion and technical personnel was held in Hohhot.

On August 15th, in 2019, the National Training Course for Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion and Technical Personnel was held in Hohhot, from the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the planned single-market agricultural machinery promotion stations, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Bureau Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station 70 The remaining representatives attended the training course. The training class invited the general station poverty alleviation contact point to participate in the training of agricultural technicians in Zhaojue County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. In the same period, Inner Mongolia held a training course for agricultural machinery promotion technicians in the region. Zhao Yonghua, deputy director of Department of Animal Husbandry of Inner speech, agricultural mechanization technology development Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Extension Station deputy stationmaster painted Zhiqiang made opening ceremony speech.

The training course is the national agricultural machinery promotion system to implement the "Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Agricultural Mechanization and Agricultural Machinery Equipment Industry", supplementing the shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, promoting coordination, and vigorously promoting the mechanization of silage corn harvesting and processing, A professional technical training activity for mechanization technology and animal husbandry mechanization technology in pasture production. Through training, we will promote the knowledge update and promotion of agricultural machinery and technology personnel, promote the combination of agricultural machinery and animal husbandry, promote the mechanization of forage production and animal husbandry in China, and realize the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery development.

The training class invited the national forage industry technical system post scientist, Professor Wang Decheng of China Agricultural University, the chief engineer of China Agricultural Machinery Institute Hohhot Branch, Wang Zhigang, the director of the National Animal Husbandry Station, and the general manager of Shandong Wuzheng Gaobei Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd. . The training class organized silage corn, forage production and livestock and poultry mechanization operations. 29 sets of agricultural machinery from 17 domestic and foreign companies carried out on-site demonstrations and demonstrations. The training course also organized participants to visit dairy and aquaculture companies. The combination of the theory and practice of the training course has trained a group of provincial-level technical post teachers for the national agricultural machinery promotion system. At the same time, through the hierarchical role of the national agricultural machinery promotion system, the results of the training courses will be continuously enlarged, and the training of grassroots agricultural machinery extension system personnel at the county and township levels will be strengthened to more effectively meet the demand for mechanization technology in local agricultural production and rural economic development.

During the training class, all localities reported and exchanged information on the mechanization technology and equipment demand survey of advantageous agricultural products.

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