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Eight-step massage easy diet

The first step: starting from the legs

  Apply the essential oil to your hands first, then massage from the inside of the ankle, then gently rub it along the calf to the inside of the knee;

  Then gently rub from the ankle, continue to massage in the direction of the thigh through the front side of the knee; finally, from the back side of the ankle, gently rub along the top and lift the calf, and slowly press in the knee socket.

  The second step: hip to back

  The legs are standing upright, the pelvis stands up, the back muscles are stretched upwards, the whole body stands in a straight line, the hands are extended, the elbows are bent, and the left and right hips are supported from the rear, and the entire buttocks are first wiped from top to bottom. Then continue to push up to the back.

  Step 3: Abdomen

  Stand with your shoulders wide, then close your lower abdomen, massage your lower abdomen clockwise with your palm, gently rub the outside of the navel for 4 seconds.

  Part IV: Arm

  Raise your elbow and raise your left arm. The elbow is slightly higher than the shoulder. The upper arm is stretched vertically upwards. The right hand is opened. Use the tiger's mouth between the thumb and forefinger to start from the wrist. Massage the left arm back and forth, and massage the left and right arms. 3 seconds.

  Step 5: neck

  Head up to the upper right, stretch the muscles on the left side of the neck, the middle finger of the right hand and the ring finger close together, use the fingertips to gently press from behind the ear, then push the neck down to the shoulder, massage both sides second.

  Step 6: Heel

  Pull out your right foot forward, your toes on the ground, your heels off the ground, lean down on your upper body, and use your left hand to hold your right heel. Use your palms and fingers to gently press your heels and press them for 1 second.

  Step 7: knee socket

  Sitting on the knees, the left and right feet are heeled up and down, that is, when the left leg and the knee are massaged, the left foot is pulled forward, and the right foot is collected backwards. The middle finger, the ring finger and the little finger of both hands are close together, from the inside and the outside. Wrap your knees and gently press with your fingertips for 5 seconds.

  Step 8: Thigh root

  The legs are close together, sitting on the knees, the legs are at a right angle of 90 degrees, and the soles of the feet are also close together. Both hands support the thighs from the outside, while slowly exhaling, while leaning down slightly on the upper body, while slowly applying force from both hands, Press the thigh root for 10 seconds.

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