New technology is first launched in China, due to customer demand, the highest in the world

Fives Group launches Neokoil® Smart Steel Production Line at the 2nd China International Import Expo

On November 8, the Fives Group launched the Neokoil® Smart Steel Production Line at the 2nd China International Import Expo. Its metallurgical prediction model combines the laws of physics with artificial intelligence algorithms to increase the yield by more than a percentage point.

The Chairman and CEO of the Fives Group, Sanchez said: "The NeoKoil® Smart Line has received enthusiastic response from customers at the Expo. It also confirms that the solution is in line with the needs of customers. Many Chinese steel manufacturers want to use fully automatic The production line quickly improves production efficiency and quality. The first choice is to find Fives."

On the first day of the Five Groups, the Five Groups signed a total of eight strategic cooperation agreements involving nearly US$150 million. The partners include Taigang, Baotou Steel, Yantai City, Tarim Energy and China National Building Materials.

Raphael Constantin, vice president of the Fives Group, recalled in an exclusive interview with a journalist at the booth. Last year, the first time to participate in the Expo, the Fives Group focused on aerospace, automotive, steel, logistics, High-end technology and industrial intelligence solutions for the energy, glass, aluminum and other industries, and 10 important cooperation agreements. “We have exchanged ideas with customers from all walks of life, and many people expressed interest.” Therefore, Fives decided to participate again this year. Constantine also mentioned that France, as one of the guests of the second session of the Expo, the presence of French President Mark Long fully shows that France attaches great importance to the Chinese market.

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“Despite the overall slowdown in the industry, China is still one of our most important markets. We will stay in China and continue to invest.” He said that in the steel and cement industries, there are many issues that are continuing to advance.

“We don’t offer so-called ‘cheap’ products. At present, the entire industry is facing a digital transformation, we have invested heavily in research and development, and set up a special company to study the driving force of artificial intelligence to the industry.” Konstantin said. “We entered the Chinese market very early, and many of our customers’ equipment has been in existence for 20 years. We are striving to renovate with new technologies based on the original equipment.”

In addition to productivity and product quality, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things can reduce carbon footprint and emissions. Constantine observed that Chinese customers are currently particularly sensitive to environmental protection, and China has become a key force in tackling climate change.

Looking back on the development process in China for more than 40 years, Constantine noticed that the demand for products in the Chinese market has been continuously upgraded. Now, Chinese customers not only want to get the best products, but also have the ambition to produce the best products themselves. Taking into account the environmental effects, it has become a leader in the industry.

“This may be the biggest change in our industry in recent years,” he said. “Chinese customers are now the most demanding in the world. Therefore, we will treat them more as long-term partners rather than buyers, so that many new technologies can be launched in China. In this way, they are the first to test the water. Players can gain more competitive advantage.

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